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Posted by Nicole Gopoian Wirick | Feb 08, 2023 | 0 Comments

Such a wonderful experience working with publisher Carol Kruemmer from SEEN magazine and her talented team -  writer Korie Wilkens and photographer Perry Haselden.  I cannot thank them enough for capturing me and my brand through words and photographs for my first advertorial. -Nicole Gopoian Wirick, JD, CFP®

Planning and Goal Setting Comes First!


Be boring when it comes to finances – but have fun in all other aspects of your
life. That's a guiding principle for Nicole Gopoian Wirick, a financial planner/wealth manager who does things a little bit differently when it comes to investing and estate
planning for her clients. “It's not just about watching your investments grow – although we
want that too,” Wirick said. “It's about what will bring you a sense of financial independence and why. Your money is a tool. I want people to understand what brings them joy in life and then use their money as the tool or resource to bring them that joy.” “Otherwise, what are you doing here?” Wirick started the boutique firm, Prosperity Wealth Strategies, right before the pandemic hit, in late 2019. It was a scary time and the timing was not ideal but Wirick found the silver lining. She tweaked her approach to marketing, using social media to reach out. That helped her deeply understand her brand and her mission. “I was able to reach out and connect with so many more people,” she said. “I can work with clients from all over.”

Wirick is a master at seizing opportunities, and that's how she got into the financial planning field. She had finished law school and passed the bar and was looking for a job. A girlfriend was working at a global brokerage and loved it and encouraged Wirick to meet with her boss to talk about opportunities. That led to a young leadership program, where Wirick discovered she liked not only the financial planning field but the relationships with clients. “I loved it so much,” she said. “And my legal background has been a benefit as well. It directly helps because I have knowledge of tax and estate planning and it indirectly helps because in my law school studies, I was taught to analyze problems in a very specific way. So really, this is a great mix of my strengths in relationships and my analytical side.” She takes a different approach with clients. Planning and goal setting come first – then comes investing. Every client is different, Wirick said, and that means there is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to wealth management. “I want to understand the whole person before I invest any money for them,” she said. “It's a process to get to know them, what they value and why. Returning to your core values is the best way to start the process – its about having a guidepost. When people first meet with me, they want me to look at their financial statements, but I don't need to see those right away. I want to get to know them.” She wants to build a long-term
relationship with her clients, helping them grow and manage their money in line with their goals and values – in perfect alignment. And in 2023, with so much uncertainty in the financial world, Wirick is a steady voice, reminding clients that market volatility is Her job is to help clients avoid making short-term decisions that can derail long-term goals. “You have to have good planning to get through volatility,” she said. “It's all about how you weather the storm. If you don't have a plan for this, you need me.”

“I want to understand the whole person before I invest any money for them.”

Planning and Goal
Setting Comes First!
Nicole Gopoian Wirick, JD, CFP®
[email protected]

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