• Finding Your Prosperity
    Finding Your Peace

    Growing wealth starts here with a compassionate conversation

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  • Finding Your Prosperity
    Finding Your Peace

    Growing wealth starts here with a compassionate conversation

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  • Finding Your Prosperity
    Finding Your Peace

    Growing wealth starts here with a compassionate conversation

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Meet Nicole Gopoian Wirick, JD, CFP®

Financial planning with a personal touch.

One of Nicole's greatest joys is developing a relationship with her clients, who have become a meaningful part of her life. Nicole Gopoian Wirick, JD, CFP® founded Prosperity Wealth Strategies to help clients define wealth management and achieve prosperity. Nicole believes that the building blocks of a successful advisory relationship include open communication and mutual understanding coupled with compassion and tenacity. Nicole earned her Juris Doctor, cum laude from…

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Finding your prosperity

It's not about growing wealth for the sake of watching your balance sheet get larger. It's about understanding how money brings a sense of prosperity to your life. Prosperity enables a sense of peace to wash over you.
Everyone's quest for prosperity is unique to them, but the desire for peace is universal:

  • The peace of mind that you can focus on things that matter most.
  • The peace of knowing you can live a life of your choosing.
  • The peace of planning to take care of those you love

Nicole's goal is to develop a comprehensive plan through knowledge of complex financial situations, combined with an intimate understanding of your life, and the tenacity to make your plans a reality.

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How we work together

Compassionate Conversations

No one wants to discuss their fears. When you're a child, you're afraid of the dark. When you're an adult, your fears may surround money and wealth management. They both keep you up at night, but no one likes to admit it because maybe they'll sound irrational, show signs of weakness, or open themselves up to judgment. But fear precludes peace. Let's address it head-on in a safe space. Nicole will help you check for “money monsters” hiding under the bed.

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Protect your prosperity

Why take on more risk than necessary to achieve your goals?

The human tendencies of fear and greed are part of our DNA. Save the bumpy rides for jet skiing and thrills for the amusement park. When it comes to your money and wealth management, be boring and remember you're in it for the long haul. The ride will be much more enjoyable.

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EXPLORING Every great relationship is rooted in strong chemistry. Let's chat and see if we're compatible.

DISCOVERY We clicked! Time to dive into your goals and resources to figure out what makes you tick.

COLLABORATION You are the most important part of your plan, so we'll work together to develop and refine our strategy.

RECOMMENDATIONS More money can mean more complications. Nicole loves solving the complexities of life and making sure things get done.

MONITORING Life rarely goes according to plan. Twists and turns make it exciting, but also present challenges. Updating regularly is vital to your long-term success.

TEAM COORDINATION Nicole leads and challenges your team of professional advisors – attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, estate planners – to identify gaps and render solutions.

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Prosperity Wealth Strategies located in Birmingham, Michigan, offers comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, and portfolio management services across the nation.

Nicole Gopoian Wirick, JD, CFP® is the financial planner and investment advisor who founded Prosperity Wealth Strategies. While many clients are based here in SE Michigan, Prosperity Wealth Strategies serves clients in Northern Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, and other parts of the USA. People across the country love the holistic financial planning and fee-only portfolio management, coupled with Nicole's personal touch and planning tenacity. Nicole is an Attorney licensed in the State of Michigan. Nicole's legal and trust background have provided a valuable resource for clients. Currently, we provide in-person wealth management services to the following areas in Michigan: Birmingham, Bloomfield, Oakland County, and the Detroit Metropolitan area. We are taking virtual appointments for clients located in farther reaching geographies. Are you ready to develop a financial plan with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and align your investment portfolio? The first step of picking up the phone is the most difficult, but remember Nicole Gopoian Wirick, JD, CFP® is here to help you find your peace and prosperity!

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Prosperity Wealth Strategies Is Here for You

At Prosperity Wealth Strategies, we focus on Financial Planning. We are here to listen and help you find peace and prosperity.

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Relationships matter. Life is messy - align yourself with someone who cares.


Invest Second. Your plan drives all investment decisions, not the latest ‘hot tips'.


I'm a fee only advisor who does not receive any commissions. Ever. My investment decisions are not based on the fees I’d generate

There Are
No Gurus

No one knows which asset classes will outperform from one year to the next. Correctly speculating is virtually impossible.

Timing the

Events that are known to us are already priced into the market. By the time you read about it, it’s too late.

Back to the Future

It’s the unknowable events of the future that move the market. And they’re just that - unknowable.

Why Pay More?

I believe in a low cost, diversified approach to investment and portfolio management. Get more and pay less!

Next Level Learning

I don’t just believe in learning, I believe in leading through learning. Leading my peers, my community, my clients.

Life Can Be Messy

In my experience, we begin to solve life’s complexities by having compassionate conversations.

Your Best Interest

I'm a fiduciary advisor who believes in putting my clients’ best interests first.

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Prosperity Wealth Strategies is committed to answering your questions about your financial planning goals. We offer a complimentary consultation at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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